Step 7: Unlocking and Sharing the Results

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Now that you have viewed the results of the Vital Values exercise that your client has completed, sharing those results with your client is only one click away.

At the bottom of the final analysis page, you’ll see a button titled “Share Results with Client.”

When you click on this button, it will automatically generate an e-mail to your client letting him or her know that the results of the Vital Values exercise are available.

The subject line of the e-mail will be “Your Vital Values Results Are Now Available.” The e-mail will come from

Please ask your client to add this e-mail address to his or her “white”/Safe Sender list so the message does not get lost in a SPAM folder.

Once you have clicked on the button “Share Results with Client” and you revisit or refresh the page, the text where the button was will change to “Results Are Unlocked and Shared.”

At this point, the exercise is complete. In the future, you may revisit this decision, or any other Vital Values exercise, simply by logging in to your account and viewing your Decision Center.

If you or your client would like to print the Results page while viewing it, just go to the top Menu bar and choose <File  <Print . Then choose either “Open PDF in preview” or “Save as PDF.”   The results can also be saved this way.

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