Step 6: Viewing the Results

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When the client has completed the unique questionnaire for his or her specific Vital Values, you will receive an automated e-mail at the address you have associated with your account (i4w_db_email). The e-mail will inform you that your client has completed the Vital Values exercise and that the results are available for viewing.

The subject line of the e-mail will be “Your Client Completed a Vital Values Questionnaire.” Simply click the link in the e-mail to be taken to the Results page for that project. You may be asked to log in to your account to view the results.

The horizontal bar graph at the top of the Results page will display the importance of each Value. The longer the bar, the greater the relative strength of the Value. In addition, the number in parentheses to the left of each bar will reflect the percentage weight of the corresponding Value. The sum of these numbers will equal 100%.

Below the graph is a listing of the comparative inputs based upon how the client answered each question. Here is where you can dig in to understand how each Value was evaluated on a verbal scale.

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