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To begin using Vital Values, you will need to create your unique account if you haven’t done so already. To establish an account, simply visit and complete the steps outlined there.

You must also view and accept the Privacy Policy.

Upon approval of your account, you will receive access to the Vital Values website. You will be asked to log in to your account to access your “Decision Center.”  This area will have your account information, a repository of your Vital Values projects with your clients and details about where you can invest in more credits.

When you initially log in to your account, you will see the following message: “You do not currently have any historical Dynamic Decisions or Vital Values exercises stored in your account.” In addition, the “Start New” button will be grayed out and your account will show zero (0) credits.

A “credit” is defined as one Vital Values project. To add credits to your account, do one of the following: (1) if you have a promotional code, please enter that in the box below to receive your bonus credits; (2) if you don’t have a promotional code, please click the button “Invest In Additional Credits” to be redirected to the PayPal™ link to choose a product package. If you don’t have a PayPal account, simply click here to establish one.

Your Decision Center is where you create new Vital Values exercises and review past ones that your clients have completed. As your clients complete Vital Values exercises, you can sort them in your Decision Center by clicking on any of the column headers.


Once you have added a credit or credits to your account via the Decision Center, follow the steps outlined below to begin using this powerful tool in your coaching practice.

Should you or your client begin to work on a Vital Values but not finish it, you will have the option to cancel the project at any time unless it has reached 100% completion. If you cancel a project, one (1) credit will be returned to your account.

The Step-by-Step Process for Creating a Vital Values Exercise

Each Vital Values exercise takes the participant through simple steps to arrive at revealing results. Within the Vital Values exercise, your client will approach the evaluation of Values by considering which Values are most important to him or her.

Regardless of how many Values are in consideration, the Vital Values process will follow the seven steps outlined on the following pages.


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