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Refer to this guide as often as needed when helping your clients complete their projects.

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A Factor is something that an individual deems important (i.e. the criterion he or she considers highly influential upon a decision).

Here’s a simple example: if a client is trying to decide which college or university to attend (the decision), Factors in making that decision might include social atmosphere, athletic programs, proximity to home, out-of-pocket cost and job-placement rates after graduation.

The Factors are self determined and unique to that person. Another person faced with the same question may come up with different Factors according to what he or she defines as important.


Alternatives are simply the available choices or options. Alternatives to the question above might include Harvard, Cambridge, UCLA, Appalachia State or Syracuse.


Each Factor does not exert the same force upon a decision. For instance, if there are four (4) Factors to consider, it is highly unlikely that each Factor weighs 25% upon the decision (4 Factors x 25% = 100%).

Dynamic Decisions will calculate and evaluate the precise weights of your client’s Factors. The system works closely to the way we think and process information.

An internal judgment-consistency check is built into the software tool as well. Dynamic Decisions allows for a small amount of inconsistency. If the user’s judgments are not logically consistent – i.e. they exceed the generally acceptable level of inconsistency – the user will be asked to revisit and adjust them before proceeding.

Each Dynamic Decision exercise is particular to each user’s situation. The user develops both the Factors and the available Alternatives. The number of questions/judgments created by the tool for the questionnaire depends entirely on the number of Factors and Alternatives entered into the software in Steps 2 & 3 below.

Furthermore, each new Dynamic Decision project generates a lengthy and obtuse website address. This is a security measure to ensure your client’s results are not compromised. Dynamic Decisions also allows users to pick up where they left off at any point in their exercise. Bookmarking the website address will bring them to the last portion completed.

Dynamic Decisions is user friendly. It will e-mail you an automated notification when your client has completed a project. To avoid losing this e-mail in a Spam folder, please add, to your “white”/Safe Sender list, or check you SPAM folder to allow the message(s).

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