Step 6: Evaluate All Alternatives Relative to Each Factor

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(This Step to Be Completed by Client)

In Step 6, the Client will consider a particular Factor and then evaluate each pair of Alternatives available with respect to that Factor. The Dynamic Decisions software will generate a questionnaire that is specific to the Factors and Alternatives that were defined and input into the software in Step 2 & Step 3 above.

Similar in structure to the above exercise for the Factors in a Dynamic Decisions exercise, the questionnaire will include every possible combination of comparisons between Alternatives related to a Factor. These comparisons will be repeated for each Factor.

Assume that letters Q, R, S represent Alternatives in a decision

Also assume that X and Y are Factors in the decision

The questionnaire created by Dynamic Decisions according to the decision-maker’s specifics will look something like this:

“When considering (Factor X), which Alternative is preferred, and how much more is it preferred?”

The Alternatives that are considered in the comparison for the above question become:




As you can see once again, this reflects the boxes that are shaded green in Diagram 2. The boxes shaded red and yellow are comparisons that do not need to be made, as explained above.

The next step is to compare the same Alternatives according to the next Factor. In our example here, it would look like this:

“When considering (Factor Y), which Alternative is preferred, and how much more is it preferred?”




This step is repeated for each Factor so that the Alternatives are compared and evaluated with respect to each additional Factor.

*At this point, the client has completed the questionnaire. A credit will be deducted from your account, reflecting the use of one (1) Dynamic Decision. The client will see a message on the screen stating, “Before seeing the results, your coach must review them. You will receive an e-mail from your coach when they are available.”


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